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Despite the increase in cloud adoption, there are still lingering concerns in the industry about security in the cloud. Investment firms of all types and sizes want to ensure their sensitive information is protected in a cloud environment. Access the resources below to learn more about securing data in the cloud and other considerations for this technology platform. If you would like to speak with one of our experts about determining your firm's cloud readiness, please contact us.

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Whitepaper: Cloud Security Best Practices for Investment Firms

Ensuring data and infrastructure security is critical to any successful investment firm. Read our whitepaper to learn more about potential threats in the cloud and how to secure your firm's sensitive information and applications.

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Webcast: Moving to the Cloud: Critical Considerations

Download this 60-minute webcast to learn more about what the cloud is and what the key considerations are for moving to this platform. Topical areas include differences for startups and existing firms and what to look for in a cloud services provider.

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Blog: Top Ten Questions to Ask a Cloud Services Provider

Choosing the right cloud services provider is half the battle. Read our list of top ten questions to ask when evaluating which provider is right for your firm. Focus on: security, disaster recovery, data centers, and more.


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Datasheets: Eze Private Cloud Services Overview and Portfolio

Read more about how our Eze Private Cloud operates, including a technical overview as well as key benefits. Our Eze Private Cloud Services Portfolio features solutions such as Archiving, Application Hosting and Encryption.

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