London Due Diligence Seminar

Hedge Fund Due Diligence: What Managers Need to Know
London, 30 March 2011

In today's market, investors' expectations are at an all time high, making the Hedge Fund Due Diligence Process a critical area of importance to raise new capital.

Please join us on Wednesday 30 March 2011 in London for an educational breakfast event to learn more about how your firm can minimize operational risk and meet investors' increasing expectations.

Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • How the hedge fund due diligence process has evolved and where investors are placing emphasis;
  • What aspects of a hedge fund's operations are most important to investors today;
  • How much importance is placed on hedge fund technology, and what infrastructures and systems are recommended; and
  • What steps hedge fund managers can take to ensure they are meeting their due diligence requirements.


  • Bill McIntosh, Hedge Fund Journal


  • Doug Bendle, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Paul Chain, President, AIS Fund Administration
  • Simon Eyre, Director, Eze Castle Integration
  • Ian Howard, Operations Analyst, Mediobanca

Note: This event is open to hedge fund industry professionals only. Please no service providers. Space is limited.